ACBL Sanction Tournaments on BBO

Bridge Base Online is authorize by American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) to offer sanctioned tournaments on BBO. Current schedule shown below - all tournaments start times are based on New York City, NY time (edt/est.) ACBL tournaments are open to all BBO players and skill levels. Entry fee is $1.00 per person. General Convention Chart applies.

All BBO ACBL tournaments are directed by ACBL Certified Tournament Directors.

ACBL membership is NOT required to play in any open game, however you must put your ACBL membership number on record if you want to play in ACBL 299ers game.

Current Schedule (est/edt)

Time Type Pairs Individual Boards/Rounds Minutes/ Round Eligibility
11am IMP x x 12/6 8 Open
1pm MP x x 12/6 8 Open
3pm IMP x x 12/6 8 Open
5pm MP x x 12/4 7 Open
6:30pm IMP x x 12/4 7 Open
8pm 299ERS MP x   12/6 8 0-299 ACBL Masterpoints
8pm MP x x 12/6 8 Open
10:15pm IMP x x 12/6 8 Open
12am MP x x 12/6 8 Open








General Convention Chart, Zero Tolerance, All BBO Players are welcome


ACBL Membership

Open to people from ALL countries, please visit to join.

Click here to update/add you ACBL number to BBO database

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For comments or questions about the Fun Fishy tournament please contact:  ACBL@BBO