Deer Pard

10:00 pm edt

Sunday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings
15 Boards, 3 boards per round  

IMP  or MP Scoring  
    Approximate playing time is 2 hours.
   No Talking during bidding or play of the hand.
ENGLISH only if you must talk.
   Play Fast and Fair.

You are expected to play to time (7 Min/hand). Failure to finish will result in adjustment. Deliberate delay of game will be penalized. Please alert all Artificial bids.  The Laws of Duplicate Bridge (ACBL) are enforced. Full bid explanation of any alert is expected, including leads/discards when asked.

Zero Tolerance for Rude Talk or behavior.
  Format is "Survivor", set at 0%. 
This means there is NO CUTS, except to even the field from any disconnects.

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