Fun Fishy

1:45 am edt

Fun Fishy is open to all BBO players 7 days per week at 10:45 pm edt. It is a free tournament where all we ask of you is to treat others nicely and enjoy our fun, fast pace 12 boards of MP Survivor pairs bridge. Fishy is a highly competitive tournament with 35% cut at end of each round stating at end of round 2. Each board is clocked at 7 min per board but if connections are bad we will extend rounds when necessary. We make adjustments, if necessary, after review of movie. We ask you alert any non natural bids. Failure to alert, talking during bidding or play with your partner will earn you penalty ruling if you already use up your 1-time warning.


Early Fun Fishy 

2:15 pm edt

Early Fishy is almost exactly same format as our regular Fishy except it is 8 minute boards instead of 7 minute boards.

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For comments or questions about the Fun Fishy tournament please contact:  Fun Fishy@BBO