The Chat Area and Chatting on BBO

The default setting will have lobby chat turned ON.

General lobby chat shows the name of the person sending the message in GREEN.

When the name is RED it means that person has logged off. The chat will not turn back to green if they log back on.

When chats shows the name of the person in LIGHT BLUE then you know it is a private message between you and the person sending the message.

 Private chat is only visible to the two people chatting.

To speak to someone privately either click on their name in the chat area or click on their name from the list of users in the Main Lobby.  When you do a chat window will open.

You can also leave a message for someone who is offline by clicking the CHAT button at the bottom of the screen and then typing the name of the person in the "Leave mail for" box. Click chat or hit the enter key to send your message.

You can pick where you want to send your message by click on the "Chat to" box. The options in this drop down menu will change depending on your location within BBO.

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