When you click the Explore Bridge! button you will see

Bridge Master

Very cool bridge software developed by our World Champion Bridge player and Award-winning software author Fred Gitelman (founder and President of Bridgebase Online) Over 30 practice hands are available for you to try.
Also hands by Audrey Grant.
Try it you'll love it!
Bridge Library

Bridge Library is the archive for recent and classic vugraph events. What is vugraph you ask? See below!

Vugraph Theatre

Vugraph Theatre is where you can watch the great bridge contests from the US and around the world LIVE and for free! Expert commentators give blow by blow analysis of bidding and hand play. The Explore Bridge button in the Main Lobby will have a scrolling banner running during broadcasts.

Lecture Hall
Great lectures by a variety of great teachers.
Next event is listed in Lecture Hall Lobby.
Chat Rooms

Chat rooms are a great place to talk with your friends.

Partnership Bidding

One of the most awesome tools in BBO, Partnership bidding allows you to sit down with your partner and practice your bidding techniques or to watch others practice theirs. Large variety table options available.

Learn to Play Bridge
Another great program authored by our Fred Gitelman in conjunction with ACBL, the Learn to Play Bridge program will hone your bridge skills.
And its all for free!
Double Dummy

More cool stuff - Double Dummy lets you play hands designed by experts and novices alike. Can you beat the experts?

Bridge Base Standard

The online notes for Bridge Base Standard and Bridge Base Advanced bidding systems

Bridge Base Online Tools

Tools and links to pay tournament organizations, recent tournament results and hand results

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