When you click the Play Bridge! button you will see


Main Bridge Club

As advertised, clicking this will take you to the Main Bridge Club.
To join a table just click on an empty seat.
To make a new table just click the "Start New Table" button
If you see this icon on a table it means that you need permission to join and/or to kibitz
Private Bridge Clubs
Private bridge clubs require membership, most are free.
Click on the name of the club(s) you are interested in to find out details of membership. BIL Lounge is a great place for beginners and intermediates to improve their bridge skills.
Public Bridge Clubs
Public bridge clubs do not require membership.
Total Points club has a daily schedule of free tournaments. Join the TDs table as a kibitzer to find a partner and sign up.
BBO Zone Club is here!
Tournaments Bridge Base offers oodles and oodles of free and pay tournaments every day including 19 daily ACBL-sanctioned tournaments.

This icon means there is some restriction on a tournament

This icon means there is an entry fee to play in this tournament
To play in a pay tournament you will need to purchase BBO Bucks. Click SHOP BRIDGE from the Main Lobby

This icon is exclusively for Money Bridge Tournaments. There is an entry fee and you need to deposit funds into your Money Bridge account to participate.
Team Matches
Team matches can be organized by any BBO Member - get together with
7 or 8 of your friends for as many boards as you want to play.
Money Bridge This area of BBO allows you to play against other BBO users for real money. Restrictions apply to residents of some states.

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