Settings and Your Profile

There are two places to change your preferences in BBO. The first is by clicking on your name.

When you point your mouse at your name you will see this

After you click on your name you will see

Within this window you can change your password, edit the information in your profile and set some of your preferences such as your name, email and skill level.

It is best to be realistic about your skill level. BBO is a very competitive site and overrating your abilities will probably lessen your enjoyment. Moreover, many people will not play with someone with a "private" skill level.

The default flag when you first log in is the UN flag. You can change to your flag by selecting your country from the drop down menu next to "Your Country"

Most people list what system they prefer, and conventions they like to play in the "Other information" box.

You have more options to pick from about logging chat, ignoring chat, logging deals, and kibitzing

Here is a profile once it is filled out

How much information you care to share with others is up to you.

The other place to select your preferences is the wheel icon at the bottom of your screen.

Once you click the wheel icon this window will pop-up. Within this window you set your preferences for table play.

You can decide which options you prefer.

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